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Located in Columbus, Ohio

We adhere to NEC and will NEVER violate UL!


Effective Lighting Solutions provides Independent lighting consultation, design and training services. We do not sell you anything but our professional services.

Reduce energy consumption, lower costs and use more sustainable lighting sources for your business needs with our detailed energy assessments.  We can also help you qualify for energy rebates and get the most out of your investment.

Improve your bottom line. Effective Lighting Solutions can save you up to 50% off the lighting part of your electric bill by offering a comprehensive evaluation and analysis of your lighting systems. We have a proven track record that spans decades of work.

LEDs and the latest lighting technology save money and energy, reducing energy costs up to 50%. But not all LED fixtures are good for your bottom line & not all manufacturers are reputable. But our trusted list of manufacturers’ products help you avoid the pitfalls. When you are properly invested in the right lighting, it will continue to save money over its lifetime. Our qualitative energy analysis services generally pay for themselves in two to three years.

We are independent of any particular products and can offer the best, most up-to-date product knowledge that will be functional for years to come. We work for you and will recommend the right products and the right company to install, without limiting you to a single brand.


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As independent consultants--we sell nothing except our services.

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We are an official AEP Solution Provider. Explore the AEP Solution Provider website for more information about the programs and incentives available.